nxtHelp – HelpDesk & TroubleTicketing

nxtHelp is an efficient management and problem solving tool for all technical problems.
All information regarding the ticket is tracked from opening to closing in a workflow process, with alerts between users and technicians. The module includes a database to store statistics of all file data changes and modifications, to obtain full and detailed reports, and, to insert FAQ’s  to satisfy users’ requests.
The tracking of open tickets and activities is handled by a powerful planning feature designed to  sort data by type of technical assistance and user class.

Modules for:

  • Workflow configuration for the trouble ticketing process
  • Ticket management of requests for technical assistance
  • Statistical processing for every type of technical service
  • User, group and profile management
  • Management of  Public and private FAQ’s
  • Management of Knowledgebased systems
  • Multiplatform User authentication management
  • Management of data export
  • Management of  alerts and communications for the user

Real-time availability:

  • Actual situation of open, scheduled and closing tickets of the whole structure
  • Technical assistance planning, subdivided by type and groups of users and technicians
  • Complete tracking of current state of ticket and actions taken
  • Constant communication between users and technical staff
  • Statistics on technical services ordered by type of asset and type of malfunction