The main areas of Synaptron’s expertise are:

  • Design and optimization of network segments (technological/economical evaluation)  aiming to minimize costs and optimize performance
  • 24 hour monitoring of all segments (including all active devices and workstations if requested) including alarm verification and the eventual opening of a ticket to the provider
  • Design and day by day management of  active network hardware (firewall/router/switch) with necessary modifications to configurations and rules to maintain alignment with other branches and institutions
  • Design and management of proxy, DNS, DHCP, HTTP, and mail server, coordination of  multi-vendor projects at Customer’s premises
  • Integration and management of hardware and software heterogeneous systems (multi-vendor, multi-platform) and, where necessary, development of   glue-code
  • Hardware and software analysis, design, development and implementation based on Customer’s specifications in Windows and Linux environments