Synaptron developed a complete Hospital Information System (nxtHIS) based on open standards.

cubi-230x230nxtHIS takes in charge a patient since his/her enrollment into the hospital and follows his therapeutic cycle till the hospital discharge. Patient record is always up-to-date because all clinical analysis value sent by laboratories are automatically feeded into the patient own Electronic Patient Record. It can be instantly reviewed by all authorized personnel (authenticated by login and chip cards or biometric device if needed), sent to the patient’s email in every place of the world and securely stored. All clinical acts may be planned and recorded: drugs prescription and delivery, daily vital parameter recording (temperature, hydric balance, blood pressure, etc). Bar code bracelet and exams labels may be customized and printed as needed. All hospital wards may talk each other when needed for a consulting request about a patient case and this feature is especially helpful when physicians are located in different geographic sites. nxtHIS may seamless integrate Laboratory Information Systems, Radiology Information Systems (and related PACS), First Aid etc.

nxtHIS is built on our nxtFrame Enterprise platform that allows a ready integration with administration, accounting, payroll and other management functions in an multi-hospital facility.

All data and software packages are permanently stored on encrypted disks to avoid stealing or tampering but they are available in clear to the authenticated user after login.

All our projects include training to operators and technicians to let you be autonomous when our software is up and running.

nxtHIS platform may be run on your own hardware and managed by your technicians or purchased as a service (SaaS). Such option relieves you from management task of both hardware and software: just turn on your personal computers and use it. All hassle for security, backup, upgrades and all the tedious chores related to a data center will be gone.