nxtCMS – Content Management System

nxtCMS is a workflow tool  capable of managing every company document. The life cycle of information generated from the application packets is stored in chronological order, organized and archived. Using this product minimizes the risk of data loss by tracking the history of each document (creation, modification, annotation of all modifications made, prints, copies) and tracing them without interruption.
Every transaction can be handled following business process logic and utilizing company rules. Cataloging, an extremely flexible and powerful feature, provides easy navigation through the wealth of information of every organization.
Document management notably reduces the use and waste of paper and increases efficiency and productivity thanks to having all documents accessible online. Access to information is guaranteed through a timely profiling of the users, thereby guaranteeing exclusive access to the information and greatly reducing the risk of privacy violation. The user’s every action is tracked and memorized in a file so any access to any document is checked and logged.

Modules for:

  • create and manage any type of document workflow process
  • create and manage the life span of the documents by typologies
  • create and manage the different states of the flow of documentation
  • create and manage transitions between pre-established states of the flow of documentation
  • file documents according to pre-established tree-structured diagrams
  • manage users, groups and profiles
  • manage company resolutions
  • manage reports on company decisions and resolutions
  • manage company internal memorandums
  • manage company reports


  • Paper reduction
  • Reduction in document printing and copying costs
  • Availability of documents in real-time and on line
  • Continuous  document indexing and fast, open information searches
  • Complete tracking of operations and data changes made on documents
  • Centralized and shared document archive
  • Reduction in data loss risk regarding user workstation
  • Optimization of Company procedure