nxtLearn – e-Learning Management System

nxtLearn is a platform for the creation and management of online educational learning. A complete offering of courses and didactic instruments can be created using either live mode (synchronous) or on demand mode (asynchronous).

These types of tools are indispensable in facilitating company logistics by contributing significantly to the reduction of costs associated with personnel training.

With nxtLearn it is possible to implement self-study training courses or to train personnel in an assistance mode, and plan their education paths.

Online testing, participation and progress tracking feature, multiple classes or single users, customized educational packages for classes of homogenous users. The user can utilize the on demand solution or interface directly with the instructor utilizing video-conference systems and virtual blackboards.

Certification for program participation and test results complete this valuable and indispensable package.

Modules for:

  • create online and on demand courses
  • manage courses in progress and courses open for enrollment
  • create basic and personalized educational modules
  • create basic or personalized educational units
  • create basic or personalized didactic tools
  • manage course enrollment
  • manage users, groups and profiles
  • create and manage virtual classes
  • create and manage practice drills on line
  • create and manage tests online
  • manage participation award certificates and tests


  • Reduction in management costs for educational courses
  • Reduction in processing times and fruition of educational courses
  • Improvement on organizing logistics for classes and courses
  • Opportunity to participate in courses selecting different options and schedules
  • Opportunity to download courses and pertinent documentation
  • Direct online contact with instructors
  • Direct contact with one’s online community class and enabled users