home_image2_enSynaptron is a team of consultants with deep knowledge of ICT world, used to analyse and solve complex automation tasks in many different industrial sectors and with heterogenous operating environments.

We build information systems based on our platform nxtFrame from scratch or through integration of existing legacy systems and database.

We take care of the whole lifecycle of every project from analysis to installation, training and maintenance.

Our Offering




Health Systems

Revisiting workflows and data organization, as well as networking infrastructure, we can achieve a terrific improvement in terms of efficiency and economy of ICT infrastructure of our customers.

Our skills span through networking, security, healthcare information systems (HIS) and e-learning.When needed we can apply “intelligence” to our software to enhance its “smartness” or allow it to manage large amounts of data and retrieve hidden information.We can implement tools that “learn” from historical series of data how to classify or predict new data.